Vaporesso Renova Zero Review: Proprietary CCELL ceramic coil This Cool Stealth Pod!

The vapeciga renova zero is another mod pod is intended for new users and experienced for hidden devices.


Now I know that a lot of sub-ohmers there to look at the system pod and go … “meh.” That’s what they would do, I have not had the opportunity, as an observer, to really enjoy a daily capsule system.

You mainWhether mod pod vaporesso Hunter cloud sub-ohm or not, there’s no room in your life for the pod system. Such use is if you try to learn the tricks and can not be filled with a nicotine-enriched juice … a pod in hand, full of salt nic can be an absolute lifesaver.


Submitted by manufacturers and high-end Avenger kit Polar Nexus sheath and a long list of other products Vaping successfully. Renova zero Vaporesso had the idea of ​​a compact and hidden solution to the next level in a neat package … and was nearly flawless.


I panicked daze sheath love mod and hate after idea about six months now refuse to leave home (or my room, in this case) without tucked in her bra, socks behind the ear to love god, nail smell better and more comfortable every day. Let’s look at this event!

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What is in the box

1 Renova xVaporesso zero Mod Pod

1 x 2 ml PCTG coil sheath with 1.0 Ohm installed

1 x 10 ml bottle filling eJuice

1 x USB cablevaporesso mod pod loading content


80.2 x 31 x 13.5 mm

2 ml refill reservoir

1 Ohm resistance

Built in Battery 650mAh

1 A load current

Automatic temperature control to prevent rap

12.09 W set output (9, 10.5 or 12W)

zinc alloy Mod


Available in green, blue, red, arctic blue, orange, rainbow, silver, white and black

build quality and design

Apart from the small signal beast box indicating that the product contains nicotine (empty case contains nicotine DORKS government) good packaging protection and, as expected for a mark estimated as vapeciga mod gen.


At the opening the box, I found that the sheath mod and separated for packaging, the first thing I see is the base or mod and I had to dig into the box to find the pods and put the pieces together to get a complete picture.


1Luckily hand vaporesso mod sheath, the sheath and put all mod is one of the simple things in life, thanks to the great magnet in the second half, and components that are perfectly equipped.


Once complete, the sheath is very similar to a large USB network with round eyes.


If it gets a little stretched (long) oval in hand with the zero mark and the power button, which has a micro USB port on the bottom, so that the device can carry all flat.


white version of good quality small zinc alloy and rubber podmod matte finished weighing only 50 grams shy, whose handfeel means is sturdy and solid, weighs more than their size might lead one to expect.


Gray (white) and minimum mark concentrated on both sides of the larger (zero on one side and the other side Renova.).


The power button (do not pull the device) is a small adjustment and tool-watt LED Round and at the opposite end to the lug mod section, on the side ZERO said.


On both sides of the narrow mod is 35 x 3 mm, mirror finish chrome lines. This detail vaporesso swag show new visible and just add a touch of class to the front machining and thin and easy.


Sheath / Funnel PCTG is dark, it’s kind of hard plastic and secure form perfectly to your lips, it’s very convenient!


sheath is translucent, so that it can check the level of tank 2 ml.


A sheath eliminating innovative ways to fill the position and more fundamental.



coil can not be changed, you need a new module for it and, unfortunately, additional charges were not included. This disorder, I would like to see one or even two additional interior. I and including a fine bottles as pressing a tip seal complicated small filled with anything less.


How Do Vaporesso Renova Pod zero?

First, I want to give kudos Vaporesso to comfortably fill the pod system, which is not leaking and does not require any irritant action silicone plug. Also found a great connection and slick magnets cool.Vaporesso says Renova zero

Second, the fact that, by clicking the power button three times, can vary from 3 watts setting. It is a lifesaver when I tried salt IAS 65 mg and the need to ensure that smaller hit! It is certainly not necessary but is something that makes this pod apart in my eyes.


Also, I was impressed by the battery life and time with her exceptional costs, which are less than 45 minutes.


I really like the white version mate also very easy to clean and not at the beginning, no matter what angle I found this great little hidden little pod.


This sheath just the right width adjustment in most small pocket jeans and pants smuggling have with an adhesive tip to the handle, I love it.


I found the battery indicator and indicators and effective watt buttons are very sensitive, I can not say how much love drawing allowed vaporizer.


Vapeciga vaporesso target pro active vaping mod pod is probably my favorite part in most pods are now mechanisms that works great … while drawing Activate fucking cops.


On a final note, the blow dry prevention, with the help of automatic temperature control has a small device that really works. I vaped several deposits under dry and degeneration set in watts when the juice is dried, very effective.


But turn to the actual quality of the vaporizer, yes? Airflow, which appears to occur through a USB port, it is only suitable for the mouth to the pleasure of lung (MTL) as a funnel, no complaints …


As much as I like a lower power setting for my salt powerful nic, I would look up to about 15W watts here … to improve the production of steam a fair bit.


This is the draw for the System monodosis fire, let’s get it going. And note that it can sometimes be very difficult. a fire tie takes quite strong. But other than that, not what pulls him repeatedly. After trying again, work in general, but I have to try to use it several times once or twice before you record the shot. Sometimes I can not say if it does not pull or if the battery is dead. A writing this sentence, I had to get where stops pulling on one or two minutes and then suddenly work again properly.


While it was interesting fire, she has a key. This button turns the unit on and off. This is a nice inclusion. the key is not light to show the battery life of the device as well. But more of that later.


Speaking to draw, that is a little loose. It’s not as loose as GTX One Vape Mod get code too. It is actually a very good project in my opinion. MTL breathing a slacker, but totally doable and enjoyable. EQ is actually more fun than shooting.


steam production was too large as this system is a sheath. Not very strong, but a lot of steam for a gondola. Do you want to or not is another story. Personally, I enjoyed the amount it produces. Not super Vape very hot though. This is really very good. But for steam, it was surprisingly solid.


In fact, very good taste. I would say it is on par with the EQ if not a touch better. Crisp and uncluttered. flavor or juice often silenced pod system you can be chaotic and unbalanced. It has a solid feel, and not just for the pod system.


Battery life is fine. I’m a little less than a day for exclusive use with. This is not surprising considering how small it is, but below average for my experience with other open pod system. However, I was not bad overall.


The taste … in a moment, but we will discuss in detail a portion of the coil.



Remove the sheath shooting mod

Put the mouthpiece of juice on a silver filling hole framed small

Press the fill port

to crush

change sheath

no mess

No fussvaporesso mod pod refills

Changing the coil

You will need to purchase new rechargeable sheath for it!


Yield coil

Thus loading station contains little ceramic coil 1.0 Ohm, only MTL and wow, the air flow is low, funnel ceramic coil soft combine to produce a flavor that is fun, surprising, given the renova zero pods click in.


Cloud is not horrible, I do not get me wrong … you just do not pod curse will be able to breathe easily, for example. This is not the pod turns, lol!


That said, this sheath and efficient coil to deliver fresh mouth to the lungs with a sense slightly less strong and steam production, namely: STEALTH magic !!!


How to operate the menu system

5 clicks or off

Press hard power to see which color of light

Green means your Vaping 12 W

blue indicates that 10.5 W

Red means it is 9W

At the click three times will change the settings of your watts

Breathing fire its coils

Battery duration

life of clear battery varies depending on the power settings you use in watt but I have more than one and a half day, or standard 10 hours of the expenses but not vaping, plus the cost is the speed of lightning in less than 45 minutes.


You can say that your battery power through the lamp in the button when powre vaping, not to be confused with the watt configuration.


LED battery strength


Green – high (more than 70% strength)

Blue – average (at 30% -70%)

Red – low (below 30%)


temperature control to avoid burns dry

arrangements of several watts to power the juice diifferent

taste wonderful ceramics and MTL coil smooth airflow

large building with an elegant look and handfeel

The size and convenient way

The method of complexity and filling without leakage


I would like to see the establishment higher than 15 W or more, for steam production was slightly worse.

final verdict opinion

If you have to spend your life wondering what the hell put in that pocket denim little extra, you know.

Vapeciga luxe s mod pod is soft and comfortable to stealth device that is perfect for its salt Toking nic in the car, at work, at the mall, in the mother shower … whatever. A small pod with impressive MOD and additional innovation.

I will use in the coming years and I think it is the first choice to quit smoking cigarettes, Trickers should set the pocket and time hiding in the shadows of the same office, it is highly recommended.

Should I buy Vaporesso Renova devices zero if lost / broken? Certainly!

You can buy here:vaporesso coils

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