Pod MODS are different from Vape MOds

Over the past few years, vaping is synonymous with mods vape, sub-ohm atomizers, and a giant cloud. Lately, pod mods have become all the rage, but many people still do not know the difference between a pod mods and mods vape. Actually there are some differences between pod mods and mods vape. Pull up a chair and run vape a. We will dig deeper.

We review the best ten pod system on the market today. Rechargeable pod system Juul great alternative, and allows you to use your choice ejuice nic salt. If you have any questions about what makes a nic salt (also known as salt and salt nic nicotine) is different from the usual ejuice, make sure you check our feature What Salt Nic?

Many mods vape designed for sub-ohm vaping, so they are usually used with e-liquid that has a higher vegetable glycerin (VG) content. Often used in low nicotine strength, high-VG juice is generally thicker than the high-PG e-juices and produce a fuller vape cloud.

Pod mods, on the other hand, are best used with e-liquid nicotine salt. This juice has a higher concentration of nicotine and nicotine are available in a higher power. Highly recommended not to use salt nic with mod vape sub-ohm.

Pod Mods Are More Ideal For Smokers

Since mods pod used with nicotine salt, they are ideal for someone who recently switched from smoking to vaping. They are also known to give a much better throat hit than standard vape mods. This, combined with intense nic hit, might make you want to take vape cigarettes whenever you want. The sleek design of most mods pod making them lightweight and easy to carry around. Since the pod mods designed to be easy to use, they are a great option for smokers who do not want to be overwhelmed by too many buttons to push or program settings.

Vape mods usually used by more advanced vapers who do not mind carrying around a device slightly larger. Vapers digging build their own coil and play around with the settings on mods vape vape to adjust their ways and get a perfect hit (with a perfect cloud) each time.

Pod Mods Are Usually More Affordable

In Vapor4Life, we take pride in making sure all our products are very competitive. The entire industry, are generally more affordable pod mods from mods vape. You can get a nice pod vape system in Vapor4Life for less than $ 40, with some pod systems sell for even less than that. Because you can change the pods in and out, stock up on multi-packs of your favorite flavors to save money in the long run by not throwing out the juice every time you want to change it.

There are many affordable vape mods out there, but it is more complex and customized you get, the pricier they may be. Check out our selection of mod vape to find one that fits your budget and your style.


Is your VAPE device malfunctioning during use

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If you are new to vaping, some sound like crackling and appear to come from your vape may seem strange or disturbing to you. But do not worry, because generally vape popping is normal. However, even the most experienced vapers have to pay attention to sudden changes in sound vape, which can be really frustrating and can cause some major problems. Here are some tips on vape sound good and bad.

What causes the popping vape
A crackling noise pop of light is a process entirely predictable and ordinary. This is the e-juice is heated by a coil and evaporates, and it is a good sign that your e-cig works well. When you vape, e-liquid you hit a very hot coil and turn into steam. This reaction makes you hear a rattling sound. More or less harsh vape behavior depends on the type of device and e-juice you use, or the intensity and strength of puffs.

So let us explain the factors that affect the crackling and popping sounds:

Level watt / voltage.

Using sub-ohm setup vaping is the first reason for an instant crackle. An RTA with the air force sufficient air flow open and increase the productivity vape. More e-liquid will condensate and less turn to vapor, so that excess fluid brand of noise.

E-liquid can not evaporate effective when you vape wattage is too low. You need to increase it to normal heating or trying to make more attractive. If not, you may flood the atomizer and e-juice spit into your mouth. Avoid this by increasing the wattage of the device. Consider vaping on a higher wattage and see if the sound is still the same.

In addition, try to change the adjustment of air flow to reduce the amount of e-liquid. Turn the tank collar sub-ohm you lose some air pressure.

Different e-liquid ingredients.
Feel free to fill your vape with the new e-juice, but remember one thing: a thick one way more steam. An e-liquid thin force and cause flooding coil atomizer popping and spitting. You can use vegetable glycerine thicker than the thin liquid propylene glycol. Sugar is very much like wood when burned. Both contain cellulose that break down when burned. Then gas evaporates and make popping sounds. It is completely natural that the e-juice makes popping like it to be heated by the coil.

A coil design

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Twisted and braided coils have more surface area, which helps to produce more steam and can cause extra popping sounds. kind of like coil has more nooks and corners, that’s why more e-liquid appears.

We are talking about the occasional popping because of the twisted coil build, and you can not prevent it. Ensure that twists and coils and braids are very tight on your device.

You can also hear the popping vape when your device has a narrow tip or chimney drops. Some of the steam is condensed remains in the form of droplets and block the flow. Just use the tip of a wider drops or switches to the chimney RTC.

So all of the above factors may affect vape popping, crackling and spitting. It is largely concerned with e-liquid interaction and a coil of wire. Steam condensation and extra droplets can cause terrible aloud and spitting problem. Vape and enjoy the sound of crackling bit of vape operation, satisfying like a fire in the fireplace. But if it’s really annoying and you feel you ‘nerves are electrically charged,’ you vape mod check and correct it if necessary. This is a very good thing to stay aware of any changes in or mod vape pen like it could be a sign of a problem. Although very rare, there are cases bursting vape pen. In almost all these cases it is a problem with the battery and will not tell the user that something is wrong by a popping sound, however.
In fact, if vaporizer does not make noise and overheating, it is when you should be concerned and to stop vaping immediately.