Geekvape AEGIS Boost Vaporizer – An Overview of the Product

The new Vapor Gear Ventilator, also called the AEGIS Boost, is the newest by Vandy Vape. This powerful vaporizer consists of a compact, medium-sized digital electronic smart Vaporizer and two different starter kits. Like its name, the AEGIS Boost combines a tank and a mouthpiece. When you press the buttons on either side of the unit, it will produce vapors, which are then loaded into your air box or come directly out the side of your tank. There is a stainless steel air path, which allows for easy fill and extraction.

geekvape aegis boost

As with most vaporizers, the AEGIS Boost has two methods of use. The first is the single touch button method, which allows you to change the wattage and temperature settings. The second is a temperature and resistance meter. While this product has an automatic shut off, which is a nice feature, the unit can be manually turned on and off as well. The geekvape aegis boost also has an adjustable airflow control. The airflow can be adjusted with the use of a twist of the included wrench, which allows you to regulate how much vapor you want to come out of the unit.

Like many vaporizers, the geekvape aegis boost has a quick heat up time. It takes about two seconds to reach full power and will stay at that temperature until it is switched off. The included USB-C cable can be used to charge your cell phone or any portable device. The included battery has a high temperature output and will keep the device running for up to sixty minutes. With a nine-volt battery, the aegis boost pro can even last up to three days.

The cons of the AEGIS Boost are that it does not have a variable wattage output range. This means that you either get the lowest or highest wattage output range, which can make this machine very inefficient. If you are only using the AEGIS Boost in the summer, you might not get the maximum performance from this machine. The unit also does not have a built in airflow meter.

The AEGIS Boost does have a lot of cons compared to other vaporizers that are on the market today. One of the cons of the AEGIS Boost that I really like is the heat up time. I noticed that I had to continually touch the wattage and resistance adjustments on my Vaporizer because the unit was not getting ready to go. The cool thing is that once you have the unit warmed up to your target temperature, you do not touch the wattage and resistance again for the first three hours. Other than that, I did not have many complaints about the AEGIS Boost.

The aegis kit has two metals that are used in the assembly of the AEGIS Boost, these metals are the Zinc Alloy and the Stainless Steel Alloy. The stainless steel Alloy has been used in other vaporizers before, so it was a pretty good choice. The main downfall with the AEGIS Boost was that the wires that were included with the unit were too short for my liking. I had to purchase some longer wires from another manufacturer.

One other con that I found with the AEGIS Boost was that the kit did not come with a juice collection bag. I do not know if this is a problem with the vaporizer itself, or if I just got a bad kit. Either way, I do not like having to constantly empty the reservoir because of the built up cotton and mesh, it makes me feel messy. That being said, I still love this vaporizer because of the ability to use it with a water glass and a juice container.

Overall, I love the AEGIS Boost and think it is a great product. If you are looking for an easy to use, affordable unit that you can use with just about any mod, the AEGIS Boost could be the best bet. There is plenty of negative reviews online from unsatisfied customers, so you will want to look into that before purchasing this kit. My personal opinion is that the flavor of this kit is on the high end but other than that I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a simple, affordable, quality unit that can be used with nearly any mod.

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