Wotofo D11 Disposable Kit features non-chargeable 400mAh interior battery. Wotofo D11 Disposable Vape Package includes 2.2 ml e-juice which allows 800 puffs. The uniquely created e-liquids of unique all-natural taste provide terrific vaping experience. D11 Disposable Kit utilizes 1.8 ohm cord coil with natural cotton and premium coil product for assured secure flavor. 10pcs each pack, 10 flavors available.

This kit is being marketed as the most usable skin system. That results from wotofos brand-new construct your very own coil which is included in the set yet likewise marketed separately. Not only that but this device is likewise suitable with the wotofo D array, vaporesso GTX and also the Voopoo PnP coils suggesting it offers alot of convenience depending on which coils you choose.

Wotofo have actually additionally consisted of thumb cut outs on the box for this item which is magnum opus as there boxes have constantly been a boxing match to open up!

As opposed to the usual fake leather, Wotofo has opted for a rubber-like material for the grip. It does not really feel or look the best however it does provide a far better understanding. On the top, you have a non-removable drip tip as well as top fill system. This is convenient due to the fact that you don’t have to remove the cartridge. It can however be complicated to fill with bigger bottles. On the bottom, is a hinged battery door. It’s fairly durable contrasted to others I’ve examined out formerly.

Main Features:

1. Big 2.2 ml e-liquid ability, as much as 800 smokes provided

2. Portable as well as lightweight, effective 400mAh battery

3. Distinctly developed e-liquids of incomparable natural preference

4. Guaranteed stable taste, costs 1.8 ohm coil


Brand: Wotofo vape

Item Call: D11 Disposable Kit

Measurement: Ø14 * 88mm.

Body Material: Stainless Steel.

Capability: 2.2 ml.

Battery: 400mAh.

Smoke Count: 800 Puffs.

Nicotine Toughness: 5%.

PG/VG: 50/50.

Resistance: 1.8 Ω Cord Coil.

Amount: 10pcs each pack.

Package Components:.

1 * D11 Disposable Kit 10pcs.

My Thoughts.

If you like some type of a restricted vape or seeking a sheathing mod that can providing both a DL as well as MTL draw then this gadget is a far cry from what will certainly appropriate! The Manik with huge air flow ports and no air movement adjustability is a DL just husk mod which depends on the inner bore of the coil head for any kind of constraint it does give!

For those who like a higher wattage DL vape with extremely little in the method of restriction after that this might perhaps be right up your road although i still really feel the lack of air movement adjustability allows it down.

I am excited by it’s build top quality and ergonomic feeling in the hand as well as absolutely a follower of it’s outstanding fire switch. The screen is vibrant and also well outlined however desire it was less tinted as it is fairly tough to see outdoors. Speaking about being tinted leads me to my next minor disadvantage which is i wish the skin was additionally less tinted yet i can see the juice inside both when filling and also keeping track of the degree!

Various other Pros consist of how promptly the tool fires, show colour customisation, the top-fill design, how the sheathing clips firmly in place. the watertight covering bay as well as naturally that it suits an 18650 battery. Although not being available in the kit going by the pictures i have seen the RBA pod looks an excellent un and being able to additionally suit both GTX and also Voopoo PnP coil heads is a huge plus!

When it concerns the D-series coil heads although their electrical power ratings a little vary they are all 0.20 ohm so a little bit extra variant would be better. The D14 Cone-shaped nexMESH coil head provided flavour to a minimum of match any of the Voopoo PnP coil heads and i discovered this ideal at 35W. It differs from me to go for the greater power level coil head yet i have primarily been making use of the D15 Clapton Mesh coil head at 50W which provides superb flavour as well as after regarding 7 refills (approx 30mls) the flavour is still just as good as on the initial sheathing packed with juice so seems to have excellent long life!

I had definitely no leaking with the Clapton Mesh coil head yet in spite of not using it as long did get some slight dripping overnight when the D14 coil was set up but it was just mild as well as naturally we have that leak-proof bay!

Although i don’t suggest charging in the gadget i still assume in 2020 all tools need to be featuring Type C as standard although the 1.5 A fee rate isn’t too bad and it both offers excellent billing comments as well as sustains pass-through!

Smok vaporizer Pro Modular Guide

Smok vaporizer Pro Modular Guide


The revolutionary SMOK technology is well known for producing some of the best-performing mechanical vaporizers available today. But with the evolution of technology and the ever-changing desires of vapor enthusiasts, the original SMOK product line was forced to make some changes. That’s when they introduced the SMOK Novo, a smaller, more streamlined version of their flagship product. This newer version is designed to produce great tasting vapor without sacrificing the quality that has made them so popular in the first place. In addition, the SMOK Novo 2 now includes a full lineup of replacement parts, including a new glass tank that is easier to clean and replace.


The SMOK Novo 2 replaced the SMOK Novo and Superfly products line. The SMOK Novo 2 was specifically engineered to work perfectly with the newest vaper’s needs, demanding a higher wattage output. The advanced design of this new pod system was also optimized to permit a direct connection to a standard e-juice cartridge or any pre-installed 510 cartridges of your choosing. And due to the fact that this product is now only one wattage higher than the original, it now provides a longer-lasting, more flavorful vapor with almost twice the amount of power.


A crucial upgrade to the SMOK line was the inclusion of a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece has two levels, one for normal/low power settings and the other for advanced vapers looking for advanced levels of vapor production and consistency from their device. Both the mouthpiece and the entire SMOK vapor line have been ergonomically designed to provide a great viewing experience while using your device. In particular, the ergonomic body design and the easy-to-grip dual screen feature provide an excellent viewing experience no matter what you are doing. The dual-axis rotation provides a smooth rotation action that positions your mouthpiece at the exact angle required for maximum benefit.


Another important feature in the SMOK Novo 2 is the fact that it allows you to use your own replacement cartridges. This eliminates the need for buying expensive replacement cartridges over again. In addition, the kit includes two extra jars that can be used as replacements when necessary. Replacing the SMOK no pods is an easy process and can be done simply by unscrewing the cap and pouring in the replacement pod.


The final upgrade to the SMOK brand is its powerful new electronic vapor delivery system. The new vapor control utilizes a high-performance lithium ion battery backed by a powerful motor for the fastest atomizing speed available. The result is a spectacular increase in vapor production time and significantly less mess. The result of this upgrade is incredible flavorful e-juices produced almost instantaneously. In addition, the electronic vapor charger gives your device with the capability to be recharged multiple times with little effort. It has one-touch controls and can be used with any of the previously mentioned original no pods.


SMOK has also developed a host of useful add-ons for its award-winning product line. Many of these features, such as the advanced temperature gauges, auto shut off capabilities, and built in calculator, make using the SMOK vaporizer much easier than ever before. In addition, the built in clock helps to remind users that they have thirty seconds more of breathing time after topping off the tank.

The most popular upgrade to the SMOK brand is its new, powerful dual battery system. The new novo 2 is capable of producing an incredible vapor pressure of up to forty-five millimeters, which is ten times greater than the novo model. This increase in power, paired with an automatic shut off feature, allows the SMOK nova 2 to be used for extended periods, even up to a full day.


The SMOK Vaporizer offers an unprecedented number of advanced functions and features. Each of these is designed to help produce flavorful e-liquids. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the best vaporizers are those that offer consistent flavor production throughout the entire device. There is nothing more frustrating than having to repeatedly replace a battery, find a new way to plug the device into the wall, or change out the flavor of your e-liquid. With the SMOK Vaporizer Pro, you are assured of consistent flavorful quality, regardless of what you are doing with the device.