Review for Relx Pod : Replacement Pre-filled Pod 15 Flavors

Vapeciga relx pod is one of the newest vaporizers on the market and promises a more comfortable, relaxing experience of vaping. Relx implement new heating technologies for simple disposable sheaths to create a very relaxing smoking experience at an affordable price. Moreover, Vape relx pods made with nicotine salts, which are sold in a variety of delicious flavors and vibrant colors.

We spoke with the director of the company and become a part of our research, which is what we should say. Given the new electronic cigarette, make sure to read relx our opinion before going any further!

First impression:
Relx is one of the fastest emerging e-cigarette, and rose from 38 million yuan IDG Capital investment in the first half alone. Mission relx first is to accelerate the transition to other billion cigarette smokers in the world through its products. relx effort for a simple product, it is easily possible to smoke clients all with less stress. More recently, the main priority of the company is manufacturing quality, which is also reflected in the initial set.

Product Presentation:
Relx is the perfect device for those looking for an alternative to smoking, but would fight little as possible through tobacco. relx device is designed with state of the art and has the power and enough juice to keep the smoke chain vaping with the delicate flavor of the day. It can be used in various places such as offices, restaurants and public places without disturbing others. This device is a refreshing new and modern and comes in four colors, including gold popular rides. Continue reading relx reviews to find their unique atomizers and function very well.

Vapeciga airistech herbva is the first model to adopt FEELM heating systems worldwide. This system offers a revolutionary technology and the main vaping experience. FEELM container system combines a metal film with conductive ceramic instead of traditional cotton or cable. He received the prestigious gold leaf in the category of the snuff industry in London. FEELM spray technology is a breakthrough represents science and structure of materials a new frontier in the field of steam atomization.

The design of metal film creates a remarkably large surface heating to precisely regulate the temperature and thus appropriate. This, in turn, ensures the expansion of the steam production and a significant reduction of harmful substances.

bee nest hole ceramic may be sufficient and uniformly heat each e-liquid drop, which causes the water vapor does not provide richer and more refined taste vaping soda slot with traditional technology. Relx vaping experience much more similar to traditional smoking.

relx liquid-e
relx devices, such as peas and other cig comes with a prefilled disposable cartridge which can blow into the device for easy vaping. More preferably, the ceramic material to heat and seal the mounting device is designed to prevent leakage of e-liquid or fluid.

The pods are sold relx pleasure is available in six flavors, including mint, classic snuff, blueberries, mango and lemon tea, and a set of three teeth costs only $ 19.90. Each Delicio least a thousand times to make sure it is compatible with the FEELM system because we wanted to give customers a smooth feel and relaxed.

Even better, they are made with a nicotine salt. This is slightly more stable than nicotine free, and therefore softer in the throat base, which was tolerated even at very high concentrations up to 50 mg thinking. Most vapers find that fact with salt nicotine airistech nokiva show new the most authentic and satisfying general. So it will stimulate the secretion of dopamine you crave.

Battery performance:
Sheath relx have the ability and endurance 1.0-1.2Ω 2.0ml tank with a capacity of 350mAh battery that can take a full day. It also has a light that lets you know when the battery is low and again when the device is fully charged. He did not offer anyway.

relx is equipped with an internal battery that can be charged via USB at the bottom of the unit. Relx standard cable, you can connect the wall adapter or laptop for a fee. After only one hour of charging, the device is fully charged and ready to go. A full charge will last 24 hours so you can vape night.

The use of ceramics in the framework of the e-cig atomizer relx provide excellence in battery performance. Nature ceramics allows heating the oil to temperature resistance, resulting in a more consistent flavor. In addition, as corrosion and oxidation-resistant ceramics, most cartridges relx durable than others.

Juul, by contrast, uses a heating coil, but heating coil in the heating FEELM change film, which ensures faster and more adequate heat conduction. base metal coils in ceramic plug every mAh fully utilized. Therefore, relx have better battery performance than Juul given the same battery capacity.

In starter kit it is only $ 50 airistech vaporizer click in at a reasonable price compared to other pods Vape popular in the market today. Juul teeth, for example, as $ 50. Vape teeth, by their nature, although they tend to be more expensive than standard vaporizer pen mods and even a box just because it took a disposable cartridge.

In addition, there is a promotion in September. only cost you $ 9.90 to buy a standard starter kit relx 49.90 dollars. Just follow the “relxtech” on Instagram to find an invitation code, then booked on the site “” with an invitation code to a reduction of 80%.

Packaging and Design:
Relx adopt simple and futuristic style similar to Apple, and the device has a touch of elegance and intuition perfect choice for gifts.

In addition, the steel surface finish and thinner and more flexible, more ergonomic than relx Juul. The curvature of the original relx vape-pod format and contour sharpness seems to be the norm. However, the texture of the surface brightness and relx become one of the most exciting product visually to the market.

Relx Summary:
After reviewing the e-cig brand relx our E-cig can recommend with confidence relx as one of the pods spray to try this year. Made without buttons, switches, or on the display, clove relx vape could not be more welcoming. All you have to do is pop it in the boat and ready to vape. Designed for busy people and fashion, he made the alternative stop smoking more relaxed than before.

You can buy here:vape relx

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Japan is most likely to become a new starting point for global Vape

Due to supply shortages, Philips Morris International twice delayed its nationwide promotion, and Japan Tobacco also suspended the shipment of vape.

Japan has become a key testing ground for these two companies and their new genuine vape products, and they are struggling to cope with the shrinking demand for traditional cigarettes in other developed countries.
“We believe that the success of iQOS commercialization in Japan will accelerate its global expansion,” Paul Riley, president of Philip Morris Japan, told Reuters.

Junichiro Koizumi, CEO of Japan Tobacco Corporation, said at the earnings conference in February: “We have high expectations for the growth of so-called tobacco smoke products in the next five years or so.”

iQOS is a cut tobacco that is heated enough to produce aerosols but does not burn. The company believes that real tobacco will better meet the needs of smokers than existing vape.

This new vape, priced at 9,980 yen ($89), is similar to other vape. It is a pen-shaped vape powered by a battery and releases tobacco vapor through heating.

A key difference is the supplement, which is sold as a Marlboro heating rod. Vapes sold elsewhere mostly use liquids containing nicotine, which is strictly regulated in Japan. A pack of 20 hot rods sells for 460 yen, which is the same price as regular Marlboro cigarettes.

Philip Morris has already launched this product in major cities in Switzerland, Italy and other countries, but Japan is the first country where the company plans to launch this product nationwide.

The company originally planned to sell this product nationwide on March 1, but due to possible supply shortages, the company delayed the launch until the end of March. Prior to this, the company conducted trial sales in 12 counties and sales were better than expected.

The company estimates that as of the end of January, Marlboro heating rods’ market share in Tokyo reached 2.4%.
Japan Tobacco, the world’s third-largest tobacco producer with approximately 60% of the cigarette market in Japan, also joined the initiative, acquiring two overseas vape manufacturers in the past two years.
In Japan, the company launched Ploom technology capsules priced at 4,000 yen, priced at 460 yen per pack, with 5 capsules per pack. The selling point of Ploom TECH is that the vapor generated by the liquid cigarette pack will pass through the tobacco particles in the capsule, creating a taste that the company calls close to the real taste.

Masanao Takahashi, Director of the Emerging Products Marketing Department of Japan Tobacco, said: “There is definitely a demand for products that are smoke-free but still satisfactory as cigarettes.”
Like iQOS, the first release of Ploom TECH in the southern Japanese city of Fukuoka was also very popular. Due to supply shortages, shipments of the device were suspended after a week.

Currently, the company is committed to launching new products nationwide, and plans to expand globally later this year.

Review with vape relx pod airistech herbva nokiva vaporizer

I received a gift from heaven show new airistech herbva for purposes of this review.

– carbon fiber black
– Dark skin
– Brown leather
– white Empire


– Size: 105 x 23 x 13 mm
– Material: zinc / PCTG
– Battery Capacity: 700mAh
– Power: 20W Max
– Juice Capacity: 2 ml
– Voltage: 3.2V-4.2V
– Coil: 1.0ohm / 1.4ohm
– Charging current: 1A

In the frame:

– AIRISTECH PAL Kit (1.0ohm cartridge)
– Blood Pal cartridge (1.4ohm)
– longe
– Type C USB Cable
– rubber ring
– Handbook
– Warranty card

Vapeciga airistech nokiva it is a small device. The dimensions of this device are 105 x 23 x 13 mm. You can buy it in 4 different colors and SE AIRISTECH pal mtl device.

I must say I really like the design of this device looks great in my opinion. On the device, you can see two sculptures is “PAL” and the device can see engraved “AIRISTECH”. In the package, you will receive two cartridges were very good and also in the package, get a cable that many people would like. quality of construction of this chamber is very good, which is made of an alloy of zinc and PCTG. This device is very convenient to use, it is always nice in the hand.

Therefore, with this device you receive two cartridges and each cartridge has a different coil. The cartridges are pre-installed with a coil resistance and 1ohm cartridges in the package comprises a coil with a 1.4ohm resistor. At the top of the cartridge, you can see the funnel and very convenient to use in my opinion. To fill a cartridge having to remove the tip and mouth when you remove it, you can see two holes to fill. large filling opening and can fill the cartridge with the bottle gorilla without any problem. From below you can see the magnet cartridge and you can see the flow of air hole. the capacity of the cartridge is 2 ml, which, according to my ability is really good for this device.

From the top of the camera, you can see the slot in the cartridge and inside you can see that the magnets. The cartridges are perfectly in place, the magnet is excellent. The top of the device is performed in a way that you can see the amount of liquid remaining in the cartridge letter are very good. Besides the camera, it is also possible to see the two holes airflow, one on each side. On one side of the device you can see c USB port for charging. This device has a built with a capacity of 700 mAh which is actually a good capacity for small devices battery. 1A charging devices support this so that you will be able to charge the battery very quickly.

If the airistech vaporizer click in caused the battery indicator on the one hand, it was very good in my opinion. Alum and he produced three colors:

– Green:> 60%
– The color blue: 60% – 30%
– Red: <30%

In this device, you can see the shutter button and you can switch off the machine by pressing 5 times on the shutter button, you must do the same to turn it on. trigger buttons are a bit clicky and it works well. The device also has an interesting switch is, which is very good because you can choose which one to use. Activated switch units worked well, but I prefer to use the fire button here. the device operates in a mode output and maximum power of 20W.
A protection device:

– Overload protection
– Protection against overheating
– Cut in 8 seconds
– Short-circuit protection

How do these devices work and my thoughs:

So my friend is well built device AIRISTECH SE, excellent camera quality and made of zinc alloy. I like the design of this device and the device is very good in the hand. With this device, you receive a lanyard that many would like and also with this device, you receive two cartridges with different coils in Nice.
Funnel convenient to use. You can fill the cartridge with ease and without any problems with the gorillas bottle. 2 ml cartridge capacity is excellent capacity for small devices. One can choose between two coils, one coil has a resistance of 1 ohm resistance and other 1.4ohm. This device has a shutter button that can be used and can use the pull switch is activated, which is very good. the battery has a capacity of 700 mAh more than good for small devices and also can charge the battery very quickly as a 1A load bearing.

The device of airflow is a little loose, do not pull relx pod get code flow is tight, loose mtl interesting and I want a better flow of air tight. Good taste, I am satisfied with the taste here, also shot in the throat.

the shutter button and draw enabled in the factory swith is fine and had no problems here, but I want to use the shutter button on the flow of air mtl coward. I like the battery indicator because I know how much battery is left. The device operates in the output mode that someone will like and do and this device works up to 20 W when the battery is fully charged. I like what they do on top of the machine, because I could see the liquid in the cartridge email is very good.
Therefore, the design of this device is very good, the build quality is excellent and I like almost everything here, so I recommend this unit if you like mtl loose vaping.


– Drawing tight


– I love design
– Good build quality
– Easy to use voice
– It is always good in hand
– easy to fill
– 2 ml capacity
– You can see eLiquid
– Two cartridges in the package
– Drawing activated switch
– shutter button
– The battery indicator
– c Usb
– The good taste
– 700mAh
– longe

You can buy here:vape relx

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