AEGIS Boost Pod Mod – Extreme Modding at Its Best

The Aegis Boost comes in a sleek and modern design that has been designed for the single and the dual user. It comes with a sleek black body that has a metallic silver-grey ribbed stainless steel ring on its base. There are red and orange lights that surround the mod’s button and give it a cool, futuristic look. There are also circular green buttons that light up to help you see what your mod is capable of. This AEGi mod can be used with any smartphone that has a functioning camera, such as the iPhone or Android phones.

aegis boost pod mod

The AEGis Boost Pod Mod comes with a neat and compact design that is both efficient and sleek in appearance. The AS silicon built into the body of this mod makes it a powerful device and allows it to run on a triple A battery. The Aegis Boost comes equipped with a variable airflow control and a bright 1500 mah battery.

The AEGis Boost comes with a neat aegis boost pod mod, which is the top selling AEGi mod around. The aegis boost pro has a stainless steel body that features a metallic silver-grey ribbed stainless steel ring on its base. It also has a red and orange LED display that shows the maximum power that the unit has ever reached during a session. There is a translucent window that displays the internal battery charge level. It also has a USB adapter port and a charging port with a universal serial bus connector that allows it to be used with different electronic devices.

The aegis boost pod mod comes with a side adjustment dial, a front zipper pocket with a zippered section for carrying and a stainless steel adjustment knob that make it easy to use. There is a front ventilation fan that can be adjusted to enable higher or lower airflow amounts in the unit. This is a great feature as most vapers prefer a constant airflow of herb or cotton in order to avoid overheating the internal battery. Another great feature is the adjustable airflow dial. This dial allows you to adjust the amount of vapor produced in a session, which is perfect for people that are serious about their personal vaporizer experience.

The aegis vaporizer is a top of the line system that offers a sleek and stylish design for a paper that wants something that looks good. The aegis boost mod comes complete with a vaporizer, a preloaded wick, a glass jar and a side ventilation slit that allows for constant air flow. There is a stainless steel adjustable airflow knob that allows you to control the amount of vapor produced in any session. This is a wonderful feature as a lot of models on the market today do not offer such a versatile adjustment.

The geekvape aegis boost comes with a front USB port that offers fast and efficient data transferring ability to your computer. It also includes a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that offers an impressive number of hours of run time. When charging the battery, it should be plugged into a power outlet for the best results. The size of the internal LED screen is clearly visible, even from close distances, making this one of the more popular models in the vaporizer range. The larger battery allows the aegis series to be used as a portable vaporizer in a variety of sessions, although it may not be suitable for high performance sessions over a longer period of time.

The vaporizer produces a thick and rich vapor that can be thoroughly enjoyed after a session has finished. The temperature control allows the user to enjoy a more even distribution of the heat as well as a more precise moment when vaporizing. The vapor production may also be adjusted from a few settings to a single preference for the greatest degree of precision. Many other vaporizer models allow you to change the temperature by turning a dial, but these devices are generally only useful for short sessions lasting a few minutes. Most vaporizers offer a choice between a fan mode and a turbo fan mode which can help you achieve a better dry throat feeling or increased vapor production over a period of time. The aegis boost pod mod is a great option for a mod that can perform multiple functions, including a light indicator for when the mod is heating up and a timer for a delayed firing option.

Some aegis series units offer a battery life extending adjustment, but most models are equipped with a variable airflow dial that can help you maximise the efficiency of your unit. As a result, many aegis batteries last much longer than other brands. Using a mod with a high wattage doesn’t mean sacrificing battery life. If you are looking for a mod that will consistently give you a high performance without draining the batteries, the AEGIS Boost Pod may be a great choice.

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