The Relx Phantom Kit – A Classic Vaping Device With an Increased Temperature Range

The Relx Phantom Kit – A Classic Vaping Device With an Increased Temperature Range

The relx phantom kit is not for the beginner in e-juice. Even though it’s billed as a starter kit it has so many flavors that even the novices at heart would find it hard to resist. The relx pods are the absolute key to the success of the relx Phantom E-juice. The flavors in relx pods are always changing due to the continual expansion of the line.

relx phantom kit


The relx pods are almost perfect and have a variety of advantages over traditional e-juice. The relx pod ensures that the user always has a new flavor to try. The relx pods are available in different flavors and perfect for any kind of occasion. The starter kit comes with a variety of flavors which can satisfy almost everyones palate.


The biggest downside of the relx phantom e-liquid is the inadvertent overdosing. The most common problem that users have to deal with is over dosage, especially when trying to quit cigarettes. When using the e juice to stop smoking it’s very easy to exceed the recommended dose, resulting in becoming addicted to nicotine. This is the biggest drawback because it can be extremely difficult to stop smoking completely with the e liquid if you overdose.


Because the relx phantom is so widely used, the market is flooded with knock off versions that claim to be just as good as the original. You have to be extra careful when purchasing an imitation because you want to make sure that the product is not only of high quality but also does not contain any harmful ingredients. Although there is only one main ingredient in the relx phantom e-liquid, there are two main flavors which are Peach Tea and Banana Cream.


The main strength of the relx series is its reliability and the fact that it delivers an excellent taste in a consistent manner. Another major advantage of this product is the large variety of flavors it offers. If you enjoy tasting different fruit flavors, then you will definitely like the relx range. If you prefer consistency in your liquids, than the peach tea is your best option.


The biggest downside to the relx phantom is the user error. Although this kit is guaranteed by the manufacturer to deliver excellent taste, you still have to be careful when using it. It is very easy to accidentally overdosing on it. If you find yourself having problems with withdrawals, you should call your doctor immediately to ensure that you are alright.


Although the relx phantom device kit comes with pods, you should still follow the instructions carefully for switching devices. To help you out in switching devices, the manual comes along with the kit. Most relx pod models are dishwasher safe and can be used in microwaves. However, it would be advisable to use pods which are not dishwasher safe. If the pod overheats, the heated liquid may spill out causing burns on your lips. Although this is unlikely to happen, you must always pay attention to your pod’s instructions to avoid wasting your money.


The best part about the relx phantom kit is that you do not need to use any type-c usb cord to get started. The kit comes with a type-c usb cord but you can use any type-c usb cord for its rechargeable batteries. When using the relx starter kit in conjunction with your type-c usb cord, you will get unlimited benefits. You will get a smooth transition from cigarette smoking to healthy vapes right away.


The second important aspect of the relx phantom pod system kit is the ability to upgrade the batteries in it anytime. For this reason, you should always be reminded to check for updates in its website. It would be advisable to change the e-liquid capacity periodically.


If you use a charger to recharge your e-liquid capacity every time, you should be reminded to put it in a place where it won’t be disturbed. This will help you avoid relx shock even when using the relx phantom pod system kit compatible with the e-liquid charger. Some chargers may have the ability to sense when you use it elsewhere and charge it automatically. Always be cautious when charging your e-liquid to avoid shocking your system.


The overall performance of this classic device is very good. It has the ability to heat up when it is needed without having to constantly re-check and reheat it. The vapor it produces is also very good. It is more preferable compared to other vaporizing devices in that it has a higher wattage than most vaporizers and a larger than normal temperature level. This will allow you to enjoy a stronger hit.